Celebs' Secrets to Glowing Skin

Celebs' Secrets to Glowing Skin

Ever wonder why celebs like J.lo, Gwen Stefani, and Jared Leto seem to get better with age? Well, read on if you want to get the same age-defying results. Everything you should and shouldn't do. While there's no quick fix... implement these tips and watch how your skin can have a significant celeb-style glow-up.

1. Eat well

Antioxidants are your bff now. By reducing inflammation - you will begin to reverse your aging process. Avocado, green juice, colorful fruits, and green leafy vegetables.. all help boost your collagen and give you a radiant GLOW. Doing it for three days and stopping won't help... this needs to be a lifestyle change. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Top Foods for glowing skin include Salmon, Raspberries, Walnuts, Blueberries, and Arugula - anything that's natural and not heavily processed.

2. Forget the damn fillers

Ok, this one is mainly for the girls, but too much facial filler will age you. Why? Because these products can block your lymph, increase swelling and reduce natural movement - a young, healthy face is none of those things. Especially agings are cheek & lip fillers - primarily when used in excess. Be careful if you choose to try these 'trendy' treatments.

3.  Use Mineral SPF

Any SPF made with Zinc is good. Avoid chemical versions - these are not natural and work by converting heat in a chemical process. Mineral-based is better as it physically blocks the sun. UVA & UVB rays can increase skin aging... 20 minutes a day is all you need... then get that SPF on!

4. Consider professional micro needling 2-3 times a year

This is probably one of the best ways to boost collagen. It creates micro-channels in your skin; then your skin fills in these tunnels with more collagen ...the fountain of youth. It's best to get this done in a salon. It's also clinically proven to reduce Acne scarring, fine lines, and signs of aging. This is probably the best-kept and most underrated skincare treatment in Hollywood. There's no downtime or chemicals used—just your body's healing mechanism.

5. Avoid toxic beauty and household products

Avoid anything with PEGs, Parabens, Talc, Mineral Oil, etc. What you put on your skin gets ingested... you wouldn't eat these chemicals, would you? So make wise choices with any products you use. It's super easy to switch and make better choices - health is your wealth.

6. AVOID Tap water

Drink mineral water only. Sadly, current water systems have a lot of fluoride, hormones, and other things that can accelerate skin aging. It also helps to have a shower head filter to avoid these chemicals when you shower too.