How to Perfect Tanned Hands

How to Perfect Tanned Hands
Ever wondered why your tan might look darker than you wanted it to on your hands? Don't worry - this happens sometimes but is easily fixed.

Hands, face, knees and elbows are thicker, drier skin  - so they absorb the organic tanning solution much faster - here's our foolproof guide to your best tanned hands .. EVER!

Apply a moisturizing lotion

Do your body first. Then swipe the mitt or brush along your hands - you only need a trace amount for these areas. The Velvet Mitt works great for pro tanners, but the brush is truly awesome for getting into the fine lines. We highly recommend using a brush for the drier areas. The brush can also be used to sculpt jawline, abs, and other areas you might want to appear more 'sculpted'

Leave for 1 hour. Then rinse your hands with water. Pat dry. If you are using the Ultra Dark Tan, this takes a little longer to develop, so try leaving it on your hands for 2 hours or so.

Apply moisturizing lotion again.

PRO TIP = Hands and feet can fade faster than other areas, mainly because they are more exposed and we wash them more often. To refresh your hands or face, moisturize and then apply a trace amount of tan - this will get your glow back within a few hours.