5 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Tan

5 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Tan

As summer continues and the sun continues to blare down, it's much safer to opt for a sunless tan instead of risking harmful UV rays just to build a 'base' so we've constructed the best tips and tricks to get an even, streak-free, and golden glow!

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is a great way to prime your skin for optimal and even tan distribution. What this process consists of is using a glove or mitt to remove dead skin and provide a clean surface for applying tan. Ideally, exfoliating 6 to 24 hours before applying tan is the optimal time frame. 

Pro Tip: Exfoliate in the bath or shower after once the the warm water has softened your skin - this makes it easy for our tan mitt to do its thing! Buff circular motions with the palm of your hand to apply even pressure. It’s oddly satisfying to see the dead skin flake off. ;)

2. Shake Well

It's such an easy step to ignore and is important prior to applying tan -- especially since the skincare goodies are at the bottom, so give it a good shake to ruffle up that collagen, Squalane and hydronic acid.

Pro Tip: Aim to shake the bottle upside down for 5 - 10 seconds. 

3. Application

Once you've shaken the bottle and are ready for application, apply 2 to 3 pumps of foam onto the applicator mitt. Mindfully apply the foam to each body party, generally starting with your arms and legs (on both sides) before tackling the neck, face, and midsection.

Pro Tip: Do not use ANY shower gels or soaps or oils before you apply tan. These can leave behind a residue which can impact your final tan. Clean skin = best result 

4. Moisturize

Our tanning foam dries very quickly, which is great for preventing tan from getting onto upholstery or sticking to your clothes. Using your favorite moisturizer, apply a thin layer 5 minutes after you've applied the foam. The moisturizer will help 'lock' in the tan and prevent any dry flaking, if you're prone to dryness. 

Pro Tip: Apply moisturizer to hands, knees, feet and elbows before applying tan foam. These areas are dryer … so they only need a tiny bit of tan. Once it drys, you can also apply moisturizer over these areas again.

5. Timing 

Whether you're using our 1-hour or Ultra Dark, the ideal time to tan is before going to bed or later in the afternoon. Though it's not a deal breaker, it helps tanning later in the day as to avoid sweating that can wash off a fresh coat of tan. If you want to have a deeper, darker tan, feel free to apply prior to bed and wash off the morning after, securing the deep, rich color you're seeking!

Pro Tip: Avoid tight pajamas if applying before bed, the tight clothing can rub against the tan and wipe it off as you're sleeping